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This is an excerpt from a guest post by Sean Platt of Writer DadRe posted from Art of Manliness.

"I would tell my son that he must never walk away from what he knows is right, and though it may be hard to stand tall against our enemies, it is even harder to reach for the sky opposite our friends. I would tell my son that he must do both, always and without fail. A man who goes along with that which he knows is wrong, whether it is to be a part of something or simply because it is easier, will see less than he wishes when looking in the mirror...

...A man, above all, recognizes his duty and therefore does not accept it lightly. He understands that his word is his bond, exercised by everyday actions and daily decisions. He will not waft through life selfish or disconnected, like someone who carries a fickle mind. A man, a real man, will not make promises he cannot keep, and chooses his words as carefully as he does his commitments. And because this man honors his words, he is in turned honored in his actions."

During my trip to Huntsville recently, my family and I went to Synagogue together.  While there we went around and reminisced a bit, and one of the things we looked at was my father's (and Grandfather's and Grandmother's) memorial plates.  We also went to his grave, and it made me think a lot about him this last week and how he influenced my life (and continues to do so).  Hopefully you will understand why this resonates so strongly with me.  I'm not sure my father ever said these things to me out loud, but instead showed me through his actions, and how he lived.

Date: 2008-12-05 07:48 pm (UTC)
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While the virtues expressed are valid, I'm twitching that this is thought of as "manliness". No, it's basic decency. It has no gender or sex.

I don't mean to rain on your memories. But grrr, that writer...


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